Why Spxyer?

Spxyer™ system is a combination of a powerful algorithm coupled with the emotional intelligence of an experienced successful trader. Spxyer™ combines the skills of a professional trader with augmented intelligence, data analytics and risk management to predict the best swing trade set-up in high risk / high reward situations.

Extensive Research

What Makes Our System Unique?

Every company we add to our system has been thoroughly vetted and analyzed for their risk – reward potential. Only those that pass are added to our system.

Multiple-Level Analysis

     1.  Artificial Intelligence:

Spyxer analyzes six metrics that predict stock trends:

  • Momentum

  • Institutional buying

  • Market trends

  • Price action

  • Technical analysis

   2.  Human (Emotional) Intelligence:

Every system- generated alert is then re-analyzed and validated by a professional trader before it is confirmed and sent out.

How Does it Work?

  • Based on market conditions and momentum, we handpick a selection of stocks every week and perform extensive research and analysis about their risk / reward potential.

  • Curated stocks are fed into our system, which uses six metrics to determine trends: momentum, institutional buying, market trends, price action, technical analysis and news items.

  • The system will make a recommendation based on its analysis: Buy, Sell, or Hold

  • All system-generated decisions are then re-analyzed by a professional trader: if the analysis from both the system and the trader match, an alert is sent out to our subscribers.

  • Alerted stocks are actively managed and updated: losses are cut short and gains are let run.